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Moms In Motion: Baby Yoga

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"Lift the chest, roll the shoulders back!" said yoga instructor, Nicole Gauthier-Schatz.

It's a place for moms to de-stress, share advice, and perhaps most important: get out of the house.

"But it's mainly a great way to be with other moms," said Gauthier-Schatz. "And to relive things like postpartum blues, fatigue, tiredness; because as a new mom you can feel very isolated. And so when we come together, we have a lot to share."

It's also a new way for babies to bond with their mothers.

"We do movements where we increase circulation, move their joints very gently, and also do some things to soothe their nervous system," she said. "One of the things we do is a walking meditation, where you walk with the baby and breath in with one foot down and breathe out with the other one, which is fabulous for mothers at three in the morning walking with their babies!"

"The mothers come to relax," said Gauthier-Schatz. "They come to get flexible again and strong and to work their core, restore health to the pelvic core. But I'd say the main reason they come is they become friends with each other."

It's a soothing, comforting environment for new moms and babies, to both find their inner balance.


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