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Upshur County Murder Suspect Appears for Preliminary Hearing

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An Upshur County man who is the center of a murder-for-hire case appeared before an Upshur County Magistrate Thursday.

Rodolpho Correa Villagomez, 32, was brought into court for a preliminary hearing.

Villagomez faces a charge of first-degree murder in the death of Joshua Oberg.  Jesse Lee Heater, 28, and Robert Siron, 30, had preliminary hearings on Monday.  Both had their cases bound over to circuit court for trial.

Several witness testified during Villagomez's hearing.  One witness testified that Heater, Siron, and Oberg were last seen together at Cook's Store and later went to an isolated area of Upshur County to drink and "carry on."

The witness said that Heater shot Oberg, and stabbed him with a knife.  Oberg's body was then placed in the back of a pickup truck.  Heater and Siron stopped at a store to buy a shovel before burying Oberg's body in a shallow grave off Bull Run Road.

Another witness testified and said Siron and Heater went a few days later to a restaurant that Villagomez owned.  Heater was given an envelope with $500 to be given to Siron in exchange for his silence.

It was also learned in testimony that $5,000 was offered by Villagomez to kill Oberg, because he thought Oberg was sleeping with his wife.  The witness said there was a direct threat on Oberg's life by Villagomez.

The witness told the court that Villagomez approached Oberg in a restaurant that his wife managed and told him, "If I find you are in any way sleeping with my wife, I will kill you and your body won't be found."

It was also learned that Villagomez's wife, Siron, and Heater are cousins.

Magistrate Juanita Adams sent Villagomez's case to the Upshur County grand jury.

Family and supporters of Luke Stout also attended Thursday's hearing.

They said his disappearance is connected to Oberg's.

State Police are following up on all leads, but can't confirm the connection.