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Moms in Motion: A Quick and Healthy Meal

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"I thought what we'd make is a homemade chicken soup," said Chef Chris Hall, owner of My Kitchen. "It's every bit as good as grandma's that's been cooking all day, except you don't have to chop the head off and pluck it and everything else."

We start with the chopping. First the carrots, then the celery, and the onion. Chef Chris lets us in on some of his secrets.

"On the Food Network, if you watch, when they're cutting up an onion, the chefs do this (a sideways cut), they're totally showing off. Why do that? I put my plate on the board, and I simply slide through it. Another thing you can do; I cook my pasta up in advance. It takes about 10 minutes or so, dump it off in your colander, rinse it out, and stick it in the fridge."

Once we're all chopped up, it's time to sauté in the pot.

"The nice thing about these little flexible boards is you can get at the dollar store or Walmart, they can just dump right in there!" said Chef Chris.

Then, his top secret: the rotisserie chicken.

"Here's our best friend in the whole world: the rotisserie chicken. They're five bucks!!"

 We cut the chicken up and pull it apart from the bones, then stick it in with the broth, add four cups of water, and voila!

"So this has been cooking for about 20 minutes now, this is delicious!" I said. "The flavor is wonderful! It smells good, it taste good, it's colorful, and it's healthy."

"And you can mess up your clothes a little bit before the family comes home to make it look like it took you all day," said Chef Chris.

Ingredients and Directions:

Homemade (sort of) Chicken Soup

Ingredient Amount Prep

Onion 1 lg (1.5 C) Chopped

Carrots 3/4 C Sliced

Celery 3/4 C Diced

Garlic (optional) 2-3 Cloves Minced

Olive Oil 3 T

Chicken Broth 4 C

Dried Thyme 1-2 t

Rotisserie Chicken 1/2 Cut up bite size

Salt & Pepper To Taste

1. In a large saucepan heat Olive Oil and sauté vegetables until softened a bit

2. Add garlic if using and continue to cook another 2 minutes

3. Add in broth and thyme

4. Add cut up, cooked chicken and simmer until chicken is hot and vegetables are how you like them.

This soup can have whatever you like added to it and doesn't take you hours to make.

Noodles that are cooked can be added to soup

Rice that is cooked can be added

Other vegetables such as peas or green beans or cauliflower that are either cooked in soup as you reheat it or precooked then added

The point is you can have this soup ready in the refrigerator for a couple of days and enhance it anyway you like with a few additions

If you want more herbs try simmering a teaspoon or two of Italian spice mix in.