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Restaurant Road Trip: Chunki's Pizza and Subs

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For 35 years Chunki's Pizza and Subs has been a Clarksburg staple; it's a place where everybody seems to know your name.

"I guess it's the atmosphere, again it's the service, the food, and we're all friends. It's like Cheers," said customer David Seamon.

When it comes to Chunki's, the customers tell the story.

"We come to Chunki's twice a week," said Seamon.

"I've been eating here for probably 15 years, or more. Since I was a little girl," said customer Brenda Hinkle.

And that's just what owner Frank Angotti likes to hear.

"Talking about repeat customers, that's the key to our business," said Frank "Chunki" Angotti. "We are feeding children's children's children now. If you serve good food people will keep coming back and that's the key."

The food may be great, but customers said it's not the business's cornerstone.

"This is the best service," said Seamon, "that's why we're here too, not only the food but the service."

"He makes excellent food, the hoagies are great, the salads are great," said Hinkle. "They are always very courteous and kind, Rhonda is a wonderful person and has been here for years and years, it's like a family-friendly environment and you always see someone you know."

Little has changed in Chunki's 35 years, the business has moved once but Chunki prides himself on keeping the food, service and atmosphere consistent.

"You treat people right and they stay with you," Angotti said. "It's the consistency of being able to serve good food at a very reasonable price every day."

"You always feel good when you leave here because you know Chunki is doing his best for his customers, and having known Chunki for over 20-years, and lived across the street from him growing up, I know that he's a good man, and I like to support the local businesses," Hinkle said.