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Scott's Run Settlement House Celebrates 90 Years

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The year 1922 was not particularly special in U.S. history; but it was special for a Monongalia County organization.

Warren Harding served as President of the U.S. and the first US naval aircraft carrier was commissioned that year. Joining the list of accomplishments was the founding of the Scott's Run Settlement House.

In the 20's Scott's Run was in the coal community of Osage.

Women during that time didn't particularly have a lot of power or money, and despite those odds, a group of them saw a need in the community, and founded the settlement house that's served the region for 90 years.

"We look for ways to really solve the problem; we look for ways to do more than just put a Band-Aid on a problem," said the house's executive director Julie Harris.

That's been the model Scott's Run Settlement House has lived by.

Founded to help support the basic needs of immigrant coal workers in the area, Scott's Run has changed faces and shapes to continue supporting the needs of the community.

"In every decade, Scott's Run has sought to meet the need of the community, and the people that we serve," said Harris. "As those change, as those needs evolve we've been keeping pace with those needs, and what we see right now is that our food pantry is needed more and more."

The settlement house has had a pantry since 1980, and Harris doesn't see a shift from that coming anytime soon. Food comes and goes quickly, and while keeping shelves stocked has been a tougher task recently, Harris said workers press on doing their best.

"Those of us who work, who choose to work in this sector do so because we think it's really important. There are so many wonderful rewards. Every single day I come to work, I am humbled by the people I meet who come here; I humbled by my staff, they work so hard; our volunteers are amazing. The generosity of this community is extraordinary," said Harris.

Perhaps what makes the community so extraordinary is that it recognizes the many organizations it has aimed at helping them.

"We've been lucky here in Monongalia County," said Monongalia County Commissioner Asel Kennedy. "A lot of people put a lot of value on services, and our United Way is one of the best in the state and the entire region. We're collecting a lot of money and the United Way board does a great job at sorting out, and making sure we don't have duplicate services."

Many non-profits are looking for volunteers and donation. You find out more about Scott's Run Settlement House at its web site.