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Chartered Jet Service To Be Offered at Buckhannon Upshur Regional Airport

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The Buckhannon Upshur Regional Airport is becoming part of the "Jet Set."

The airport is now home to its first jet charted service.

Airport charter services, such as Mountain Air Services at the Buckhannon Upshur Regional Airport, allow travelers to fly on their schedule to their destination.

"You know if we have the airplanes, and we have the pilots, and we have a mechanic why not go ahead and do a 135 operation, which is a charter service," said company owner Michael McWhorter.

The company started in 2001 to support aerial image collection of the forest industry. It has since expanded to provide many different services within the aviation industry.

The company has several turbo prop aircrafts and now a Citation 5, the first jet aircraft based at the airport. The aircraft will have two pilots, and can seat up to eight passengers.

McWhorter and pilots said people are looking for quicker and more convenient ways of travel to their destinations.

"When you think we can be across the country literally in half a day or Florida in two hours. It kinda starts to change the way you think about travel, and the size of our country and what it means to get from point A to point B," said pilot Brian Mills.

With the acquisition of the Citation 5 jet, the case is even more clear that the Buckhannon Upshur Regional Airport is continuing to grow.

"We're looking at a further runway expansion and the addition of this Citation jet will go a long way in making our case for the need of runway expansion when the FAA considers infrastructure improvements like that, safety is the number priority," said Tom O'Neill, president of Buckhannon Upshur Airport Authority.

McWhorter said giving people the opportunity to use charted jet services will help those planning a vacation or taking a trip to a WVU Big 12 football game.

"There going to be a little closer, they won't have to have an airplane staged into the state which is fairly expense in order for them to get on the airplane and go where they want to go," McWhorter said.

The chartered jet service will be offered starting in December.