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City of Clarksburg to Repair Chestnut Street

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Vehicle accidents happen everyday throughout the country. Sometimes it's the driver and mother nature that get blamed but many Clarksburg residents who drive on Chestnut Street agree that the road is the problem.

"I get scared driving down through there. A little bit, yeah. I don't think I'm over too far. And if I go over too far it feels like I'm going to go over a hill or something," said Christina Reed, a frequent driver on Chestnut Street.

Reed said she has damage on her car to prove it.

"My car started to sway. I messed up my sway bar. I hit a bump and hit a few times real hard," Reed said.

Chestnut Street is problematic in several ways. But a common complaint is the condition of the road and how narrow it is.

"It needs to be widened," Reed said.

"The road as it's improved it will be widened over the term of the project, but it will not be an entirely straight road," said Martin Howe, City Manager of Clarksburg.

The city of Clarksburg is working with the Division of Highways to correct all of the problems on Chestnut Street.

"There will have to be waterline and storm sewers that will have to be replaced along with the road in the future. But they are doing it in different phases," Howe said.

But completion of the $5 million project is a long road ahead. Howe said the project won't happen all at once. He said the plan is complete the restoration in phases.

"Just bare with it, in the future, we're hopeful the road will be much improved and help people traverse from both sides of Clarksburg," Howe said.