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Barrackville Increases Speeding Fines In School Zones

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Speeding in the Barrackville school zone is a major concern for Mayor Roy Meeks.

The police radar has detected people driving up to 15 miles per hour above the speed limit.

There have been several instances in West Virginia where pedestrians could have been injured due to speeding.

One of them took place in his town.

"One truck had to pull up on the sidewalk to avoid the crossing guard," Mayor Meeks said. "She was flagging him down and he didn't see her for one reason or another and just had to veer off to get out of the way."

Every Monday morning Barrackville holds "A Prayer at the Flagpole" in front of the school.

Mayor Meeks said this is when he began to notice the problem of speeding in the school zone.

The Barrackville Police would sit in front of the school and turn on their lights, but people still didn't slow down.

"We decided to increase the fine in the school zone not knowing what to do," Mayor Meeks said. "I remembered going through a construction zone and seeing fines doubled. So we thought if we doubled fines in the school zone, it would help."

And it did. On September 2 the cost of the fine increased from $170 to $260.

Meeks said he has received a lot of community support on the town's decision.

"I've had phone calls and people stop me at the store and say you know, thanks," he said. "Maybe that will help."

Mayor Meeks said that the children are our future and he will do anything in his power to protect them.

In a matter of a week only one ticket has been given out and he said he is noticing people are slowing down.