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Behind the Scenes: Marion County Election

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It was only five months ago when Marion County was counting the ballots for the primary election.

County Clerk Janice Cosco remembers the day as very crazy, but very exciting.

"It looks like an anthill," she said. "There are dozens of people working and you look at that scene and say, how is any sense going to come from this."

Sense does come from it.

Marion County prides itself on the organization it has before and during Election Day.

"Marion County is always the first," Cosco said. "If not the first, maybe next to the first one having completed everything that needs to be done on Election Day."

How does Marion County get everything done first and smoothly?

The answer is preparation.

County employees have been working overtime for months cleaning the iVotronic machines, checking that everything is working correctly and loading the four ballots.

All 232 voting machines must be tested prior to Election Day to ensure a voter can vote on a blank ballot, a straight party ballot, cross over on a straight party vote, and the voter has the right to vote for a certified write in candidate.

"We do what we call a zero tape," said Deputy Clerk Cecelia Donato. "Which proves when the machines leave here and go to the precinct the night before an election that there are no votes on that machine."

The machines will be tested again by the public for early voting on Wednesday October 17.

Marion County is expecting a big turnout for early voting and wants to make sure everything is just right.

Poll workers will begin training October 22 and will finish before early voting begins on the 24.