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Marion County Experiences Increase In Tourism

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The Friendly City is experiencing a boom in tourism, which is benefiting visitors and residents alike.

Marion County residents believe the area is booming and more businesses are coming back.

"It's growing a good bit," said Ernie Conner of Mannington. "I'm glad they are getting built up."

The Convention and Visitors Bureau of Marion County said since moving into its new home in Fairmont on February 1, it has noticed a big increase in the number of walk-in visitors.

The bureau believes it has done a significant job in promoting everything the county has to offer.

"We spent about 158 to 160 thousand last year in direct advertising," said CVB Executive Director Marianne Moran. "We advertised Marion County as a place to vacation, hold a meeting, have a reunion and so forth."

The advertising is working.

More than 3,000 guests have visited the new visitor center, which is up 314 percent since last year.

Fifty thousand Marion County Visitors guides have been distributed and the website has received more then one million hits.

"The CVB has operated a website since 1983," Moran said. "But also, we have a mobile site. We are going to introduce our new Marion County App later this year."

The Visitors Center is currently working on a mobile app that will keep the public informed on what's happening in the community.

Information about events or attractions will be available right at your fingertips, with a touch of a button on a smart phone.

Hotel Motel Taxes have increased by 26 percent in Marion County.

The bureau said it believes that has something to do with the new Holiday Inn Express, its popular attractions, and businesses.

"There's a lot of Marcello shale workers and construction workers in the area and their families are here."

The Visitors Bureau is now beginning to market to the Wedding Industry.

It is currently designing a brochure and promoting Marion County as a great place to have a wedding.