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6 Randolph County Fire Departments Soon To Be Equipped With Generators

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The June 29 derecho storm caused millions of dollars in damage and left many people in the dark.

One local county plans to be better prepared in case it ever happens again.

The Randolph County Commission is looking at purchasing generators for six county volunteer fire departments.

The summer storm proved to emergency personnel what worked, and what didn't work in response time. People were looking for help, but local fire departments ran into problems while doubling as shelters.

"We felt if we're going to them then we need to provide those fire departments with the ability to have electricity to generate heat in the winter or cool in the summer," said Mike Taylor, Randolph County Commission President.

The commission is looking at a lease purchase of generators for six of the county's fire departments that would be installed by Master Service Mid Atlantic. Randolph County has 10 departments with four of them already having generators.

The departments proposed include: Beverly, Mill Creek, Harman, Pickens, Whitmer, and Valley Head.

The total cost for the county would be $180,000.

The county commission said if they can get six generators installed within the next six months they'll be better prepared to handle the next disaster.

Taylor said the commission made a commitment to residents after the storm.

The commission wants people to know it's doing what it can to prepare for future emergencies.

"There's an area of the county, that can go without electricity for several days and we just feel like that it was something that the commission on behalf of the citizens, that one of our duties to make that type of resource available to them in their communities," Taylor said.

Taylor said the commission has still some work to do.

It wants to pay off the generators over a two to three period rather than in one lump sum.