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Prepare Early for Hurricane Sandy

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Hurricane Sandy, The Frankenstorm the Blizzicane, whatever your calling it, it's time to prepare.

The  West Virginia Division of Highways has salt trucks, and plows ready to go.

Local power companies have crews near and afar on standby to assist in potential power outages.

"If you're going to have a long period of time when you have gusts, just the longer the wind is blowing like that, the more chances for trees, or tree branches to come in contact with lines… When I say we're preparing for the storm, we're preparing to do storm restoration, after the damage is already done," said Todd Myers of Mon Power.

"It's really hard to forecast what type of damage or the extended period of time of power outages, but there is also going to be multiple areas that will be affected, some worse than others, and that's why we're asking people to take that extra time now to prepare for that so they're not caught off guard," said Mike Wolfe, interim director of Monongalia County's Office of Emergency Management

If planning to use a generator or alternative heating in the event of a power outage, be safe.

Generators should be used outdoors and away from ventilation areas like windows and doors.

Be aware of fire hazards that come with using alternative heat sources, and test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Heavy rains, and leaves also make flooding more of a concern.

"The added leaves at this time of year are going to cause a problem for drainage," said Wolfe. "So if you have a drainage area that you can go out and clean out so that the water drains more quickly, and also gutter on your house, making sure you clean debris and leaves from those."

Indoor emergency kits should include extra medications, pet and baby food. Spare food and water are also important.

Preparing your vehicle for potential evacuation is also important. Spare fuel for a generator or car should be purchased before the storm; a power outage could close down nearby gas stations.

"Prepare early, what we do as first responders we base for the worst case scenario… Making sure you have the proper essentials you need to sustain in your own home for 72-hours is the best advice we can give you," Wolfe said.