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Marion County Prepares For Hurricane Sandy

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West Virginia residents weren't as prepared for the June 29th wind storm as they could have been.

Hurricane Sandy has been in the national spotlight for days, giving Marion County residents plenty of time to prepare for an emergency.

Many West Virginians will agree the best way to get through a storm is by being prepared.

"It makes you nervous," said Shop N' Save Office Assistant Linda Piscitelli. "Anytime you know something majors coming, a storms coming, everyone sort of starts getting into a panic."

The June 29th storm did just that. 

The unexpected storm gave very little time for preparation causing a craze for gas, food, and water.

Now, Marion County has learned from its mistakes and the arrival of Hurricane Sandy has residents getting their supplies early.

"Business is crazy," Piscitelli said. "Everyone's buying everything. Bread, milk, water, meat."

Meteorologists said Hurricane Sandy has put North Central West Virginia under a flood watch.

The 911 Center has been in contact with emergency personnel to make sure everyone is on the same page if conditions worsen.

"I'll call some extra help out through my department you know patrol the areas and make sure everybody's safe," said White Hall Police Chief Gino Guerrieri. "Have roving patrols and just assure everybody that we are out there and we will do whatever we can to protect them and their property."

The North Central West Virginia Chapter of the American Red Cross has been monitoring Hurricane Sandy for three days.

It has been informing the community on the steps to take before, during, and after the storm. 

"I hope our neighbors have planned and they've got their disaster kits and their disaster plans ready," said Executive Director Robin Moore. "Because they've had some time to think about it and to better prepare."

WBOY will continue to follow up on Hurricane Sandy, along with any flooding and power outages in the area.