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Lewis County Courthouse Open for Early Voting Despite Hurricane Sandy

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A mix of snow and rain made some roads in north central West Virginia tough to drive on Tuesday afternoon.

"I was actually a little bit late due to a little fender bender," said Mary Lou Myers, Lewis County Clerk.

"A guy slid off the road, flipped over into the ditch I guess," said Glenn Johnston, who made it out on the roads just to get necessary supplies.

Closed schools and offices kept traffic down some.  But conditions seemed to be enough to convince others to stay in for the day.

"Roads are quite wet, Snow is still coming down. There is slush on edges of the roads," Johnston said.

The snow also kept some people away from the polls for early voting. 

"Most people were probably more interested in getting out to stores. Getting food and water and taking care of their family first before getting the voting polls," Johnston said.

"With the weather being the way it is. We have had a slow down today," Myers said.

But overall numbers are up in Lewis County.  As it turns out, the rush was before the storm. Myers said early voters came out earlier this year.

"Enticed people to come out more quickly than what we've ever had before," Myers said.

Myers said she expects another rush in a few days.

"It's supposed to clear up toward the end of the week. We'll be open Saturday. I imagine we'll be very busy. That will be our last day," Myers said.

Early voting in West Virginia ends on Saturday, November 3.  Absentee voting ends Wednesday October 31.  The general election will be held on November 6.