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Fairmont Police Promote Halloween Safety Tips

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Some Halloween headlines have caught the nation's eye and are raising a concern for safety on Halloween.

A Pittsburgh man has been charged with shooting an 8-year-old girl who was dressed up as a skunk.

This has put more of a focus on costumes this year.

"Most of the costumes out there are dark and scary costumes for the most part," said Corporal Don Neal of the Fairmont Police Department. "We recommend that the kids of those ages try to get something a little brighter colored or something to that nature."

Police said a lot of kids are going for the scare, rather than safety.

If a child chooses to dress in the darker and scarier costumes, police encourage parents to include some sort of reflective tape that will make the child visible to drivers.

"Get some reflective tape," Corporal Neal said. "Make sure you wear your jogging sneakers or something that has reflective material so the car lights can see you."

One of the safety tips that police are continuing to encourage is that if your costume consists of a scary mask, it's important that you lift it before crossing the street to avoid injury.

Fairmont Police will have additional officers patrolling the areas while kids are trick or treating.

County officials still encourage parents to accompany their children while going door to door.

"Stay with the young ones," said Marion County Commissioner Butch Tennant. "I don't want to see any young ones out there without adult supervision where they are running in the streets."

The Fairmont Police Department promotes these five safety tips:

  • Tip 1: Be sure to stay with a parent
  • Tip 2: Wear light colored clothing
  • Tip 3: Carry a flashlight
  • Tip 4: Use sidewalks
  • Tip 5: Check your candy before you eat it