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Moms In Motion: National Adoption Month

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Fairmont, WV -

Cassandra Edwards and her husband's adoption story began in December of 2009, when she got a phone call, sooner than expected, saying twin boys had been born and needed a forever family.

"We fell in love immediately after seeing them," Edwards said.

Patrick and Peyton joined the Edwards family, and it's like it was always meant to be.

"Adoption is an option; it's a gift from God and it's bringing together a forever family," Edwards said.

Meanwhile, Lisa and Denzil Jenkins have a different adoption story.

"We started out about 13 and a half years ago and it's just been one thing after another, it's one success after another," said Lisa.

They've adopted five children, and are planning to adopt even more.

"Children have become the biggest part of our lives," she said. "They mean everything to us. And so just to take children and help them to become successful is what it means to us."

The month of November is dedicated to raising awareness to the urgent need of adoptive families. And you may be surprised at the low to no cost through the foster care system and all the resources available.

"For anyone who wants to build their family or be a mom or dad, it's just another way to build their family," said Julia Kesler with the Children's Home Society. "And there are so many kids out there that need loving moms and dads, you don't have to be perfect, you don't have to be flawless, you don't have to even own your own home but if you're just willing to love a child and learn how to help them navigate life, then we ask you to call and at least look into it."

If you're interested in adoption, here are some local sites to check out:,, or

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