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Harrison County EMS Adds InMotion Technology

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For Harrison County Emergency Medical Services and its patients, every second counts.

Due to a grant from FEMA, all Harrison County ambulances will now use a new technology, called InMotion, to connect and transmit patient information.

"We'll be able to basically take a picture of what's going on with the patient at that time, send it to the receiving hospital," said Harrison County EMS Director Rick Rock. "All areas of this county will have the ability to get more definitive treatment quicker."

EMS personnel said Harrison County is the first in North Central West Virginia to use InMotion and they said it is already benefiting the hospitals and ultimately the patients.

"Once they get in the field, we're able to transmit data back to the receiving hospital," Rock said. "It allows them to assemble their teams and basically the treatment starts quicker than it has before."

The InMotion on-board system turns ambulances into mobile hot-spots. This allows EMS staff to communicate and transmit data to hospitals and other EMS units. Harrison County EMS Lieutenant Tony Hayes said InMotion is more dependable than the old system

"Previously we used a data system to transmit EKGs out of the field," Lt. Hayes said. "We got to a point where we actually had to take a picture with a smart phone."

EMS staff said InMotion will benefit any patient, but will especially help save cardiac patients.