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Fairmont Residents Come Together To Revitalize Southside Neighborhood

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The Southside neighborhood runs from the Spanky Roberts Bridge to Fourth Street and from Virginia Avenue to Albert Court.

Residents on the Southside Committee said they have a personal attachment to the area and want to see it go back to the way it used to be.

Nancy Bickerstaff of the Fairmont Women's Club said it took one statement to make her realize the appearance of Fairmont needed to change.

"I had a gentleman that spoke to someone and they asked him, he just got a job in Fairmont and I think this is a unique statement," she said. "He said, 'Are you going to move to Fairmont'? He said 'To that dirty town?' That's awful. That's what really made me want to run harder."

A group of Fairmont residents have come together to make a positive change to the historic Southside Community.

"We think this is an anchor spot and with us working together we can do ten times as much as we could do singly and by ourselves," said Committee Member Bob Gribben.

Gribben said the committee is looking to do more than just cleanup the area.

Its latest project was clearing brush and trees along the Monongahela River by the Women's Club.

It aims to make the Southside more visible to the East Side and vise versa.

"We believe when there is openness and vantage points for new views," he said. "It improves the community as a present neighborhood and makes it a safer place as well."

The Women's Club has spent the past five years renovating its Southside home and residents have began to come together to clean up the historic Butcher School.

"I went to school there," Bickerstaff said. "To the sixth grade. It was a wonderful school with wonderful teachers. It brings back a lot of memories. I think we will have a lot of support and I would love to see it saved and restored."

The committee is asking residents of the Southside neighborhood to paint doors and garages, trim trees, and control the litter.

It said small contributions will help revitalize the neighborhood.