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Clarksburg Cracking Down On Bath Salts

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Clarksburg City Council is cracking down on bath salts.

Council has passed the first reading of an ordinance that would make advertising, purchasing, or distributing bath salts a crime punishable by a fine of up to $500.

Bath salts were in the news, not too long ago when the authorities shut down the "Hot Stuff and Cool Things" stores in Clarksburg and Buckhannon for selling bath salts and synthetic marijuana.

Officials say this is one of many steps that they are taking to stop the use of bath salts in the area.

"I can feel comfortable telling you that at our Mayors Association meeting where all mayors of Harrison County are present, we as a body are fighting this. Clarksburg is not fighting this, Shinnston is not fighting this, Bridgeport, Salem.. We are fighting this together. And we know that we can only make this.. We can only put a significant dent in this if we fight it as one body," Mayor Patsy Trecost said.

City Council's longest serving member, Jim Hunt, also announced that he will leaving council at the end of the year.

"I'm going to be traveling through out the country bad I've reluctantly made the decision that I'll be stepping down at the end of this year," said Hunt. "A lot of the scheduling was already conflicting with council meetings and in fairness to the city that's been so good to me for over 27 in a half years, I wanted to make sure I wasn't absent for all that time."

Hunt wanted to make sure all his loose ends were tied before he left, including the opening of the Aquatic Center. He wants the public to know that it is well underway and will be opening in the summer.