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PSC issues Century rate review timeline

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The Public Service Commission of West Virginia issued an order Nov. 16 to establish a Dec. 14 deadline for the commission to address the requests for reconsideration and clarification in the Century Aluminum rate case.

The Commission issued a final order in the case Oct. 4, establishing a special rate mechanism for Century's Ravenswood smelter.

Several parties to the case filed petitions or motions asking for clarification of the final order, and Century Aluminum asked for a reconsideration of the order.

The plant closed in 2009, and 650 employees were left without jobs. Retirees from the plant also lost their benefits. Century officials announced Oct. 9 that the Jackson County plant could not reopen under the rate the PSC ordered.

In its Nov. 16 order, the PSC noted that Century Aluminum's request for a rate reconsideration "appears to have the tone of a negotiation counteroffer instead of a pleading in a formal case before the Commission," according to the order.

"If Century intended to negotiate a Special Rate Mechanism, the appropriate procedure would be negotiation between Century and other interested parties," the PSC's order reads.

In Century's Oct. 26 filing to the PSC, the company requested rate reconsideration while presenting two new rate proposals. 

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