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Marion County Board Of Education To Give Funds To Schools For Security, Upgrades

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The Marion County Board of Education is giving its schools a makeover.

The Board has approved an allocation, granting each school with $10,000 at its meeting on Monday.

This money will go toward extra security and facility upgrades.

"The projects they are able to do with the ten thousand dollars are more cosmetic," said Superintendent of Schools Gary Price. "But those are important projects too. When the kids come to school, when the parents and the public comes to school, if it looks better it gives a better impression. People have a better positive impression about being there."

This is National Education Week.

While the week is meant to celebrate public education, it also aims to honor the individuals who make a difference in a child's schooling.

Price said he believes there is no better time to approve the allocation and it is a way of thanking the Marion County staff for its hard work.

"They haven't had the opportunity to really recognize teachers since school is closed this week," he said. "So they thought that would be a very fitting way to recognize the hard work that the teachers and the administrators have put in."

Price said this funding is completely separate from the Board's larger projects.

It is currently discussing renovating or replacing schools, like Monongah and Mannington Middle Schools in the future.

The Board of Education gave each of Marion County's 23 schools a priority list of which repairs or upgrades should be made first.

Some schools will do things like paint walls while others improve security measures.

"Some schools would like to have maybe some additional cameras, some night vision cameras, some additional monitors," Price said. "Things that go beyond the allocation that we receive from the state."

Price said the Board of Education has a lot of work going on.

Fairmont Senior High School is completing renovations and the walls for the new East Fairmont Junior High are up.