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Black Friday and Small Business Saturday Shopping Preparations

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Break out the Christmas lists, and get ready to shop.

The holiday shopping season is upon us and there is no bigger shopping day than Black Friday.

While some will be out for door-busters, others will wait for cyber sales. And then some will invest their money down the street at their local small businesses.

"When you spend money in our store, it not only allows us to have jobs in this town, it allows us to use the money to invest and buy better products and service the community better in the future," said Andrew Walker of Pathfinder Outdoor Store in Morgantown.

Spending your holiday shopping money locally could mean big business in your area.

The American Research Group said the Average Family will spend more than $854 on holiday shopping this year.

The 3/50 Project estimates that $68 of $100 spent locally stays local, compared to $43 that stays locally when spent at a chain store.

"If they spend their monies in a local store, the money stays in the community. It will just boost downtown Morgantown. It will boost Morgantown, it will boost West Virginia," said Jeanne Hagan of Pinocchio's Books and Toys.

"Everybody that works here lives we're all part of this working organism," Walker said.

People who stop in your neighbor's store, they may shop in yours.

"The more there is for someone to shop, the more likely they'll stay here, stay downtown, eat, and shop some more," said Robin Dallas of Bead Monster.

To help the local economy thrive, American Express's Small Business Saturday is back.

The annual event is Saturday, November 24, right between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Through three years, store owners say the program's success is building.

"I had people that came in last year and say they did all of their Christmas shopping in small shops. They didn't do anything outside. And I think that is going to be a trend that grows," said Hagan.

Downtown shoppers on Saturday can register to win an Apple iPad. Shoppers can register a chance for each $25 they spend. For more details visit Main Street Morgantown's website.