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A Father and Son's Inspirational Journey

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A father and son team is traveling the country volunteering at organizations and gathering "inspiring stories." The first stop on their trip was Morgantown.

Charles and Chad Wagner decided to search for inspiring stories for one reason, there isn't another place to find them, and they know what its like to be searching.

"We know what its like to, when you're down and discouraged, and you're looking for ‘is there any hope out there, is there somebody that's been there, like you've been there, a situation like you've been in' are they doing better now?" said Charles Wagner, father.

They couldn't find anywhere that listed the inspirations stories they were looking for, so they wanted to do it themselves with their web site, gramazin.com.

During their visit to Morgantown, Charles and Chad cooked dinner for the families at the Ronald McDonald house. At first, its executive director thought they were just coming through to cook dinner, until he learned more about them, and their story.

"I got on their website, and started kind of seeing what they wanted to do with it. I thought this was a really kind of cool, neat idea to go across the country and learn different things and put out those inspirational stories" said Steve De Jesus, CEO and Executive Director of the Ronald McDonald House in Morgantown.

De Jesus hears a lot of inspirational stories from the people that come through the House, and shared some with the Wagners.

"A little boy who everybody thought maybe had a few hours to live they were surprised, well that boy is 12 years old now, and still running around. He was here a week ago, making a donation on his family's behalf, so stories like that" said De Jesus.

The Wagner's will be on their trip on and off until September of next year. Their next stop is Harlem, where they will be working with ex-prisoners who are trying to get their lives back on track.