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Harrison County School Officials Lift Ban on High School Dances

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The Harrison County Board of Education met Wednesday evening to address an issue that's been a talker in Harrison County the last few weeks.

It discussed the possible cancellation of all high school dances, except prom, due to inappropriate dancing happening at some of the dances.

The superintendent and high school principals made the decision a few weeks ago but released the following statement Wednesday afternoon, saying they are willing to lift the ban with the support of student council members:

"Our intent in canceling all dances before prom was to heighten the awareness of our concern with inappropriate dancing by many students. Following our meeting yesterday with Student Council representatives and advisors from all five high schools, we believe the message has been made very apparent. Therefore, with the promise by these students to continue support for improved appropriate dancing, we are willing to lift the ban and move toward offering students a healthy, safe environment to enjoy our school dances."

"They got their message across. That sort of behavior won't be tolerated," said superintendent Susan Collins.

The board decided Wednesday night to let that issue rest and to allow individual schools, their principals and students to work it out on their own.

"We are going to say if it's inappropriate, you'll be asked to stop. If you don't you'll be asked to leave. We'll be calling parents to tell the to pick up your child or they'll be on their way home so I think that's what we're going to try," Collins said.

But some parents think there needs to be rule set in stone.

"There was nothing said as far as rules and consequences. As far as the rules and consequences whether that means they amend their school policies, their dress code, the consequence. My opinion, a school dance is no different than a school trip," said parent Sarah Barrat.

Barrat said she thinks the parents should be more involved in the policy making and policing the students at the dances.

Also on the agenda: Bridgeport's offer of funding assistance for two major projects at the high school.

The city is offering $175,000 for air conditioning for the gym and cafeteria, and new bleachers for the gym. The Board of Education would have to put up a $25,000 match.

The board tabled the issue until April, due to the future developments of other projects it plans on funding.