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Belington Woman Fighting City Ordinance

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The city of Belington is concerned about junk like unusable or untagged vehicles sitting in people's yards, but that's leaving Joanne Gallas with nothing else to do.

It may not be much to look at, but Gallas is restoring the '75 pickup sitting in her back yard for her son, who needs a safe vehicle to navigate the area in winter months.

"I need a cheaper vehicle for my son to be in. The insurance is way too high for me to insure him in my car, but for the truck its only one hundred dollars extra a month which, on a fixed income being disabled, is a lot easier to afford," Gallas said.

But the city has said the truck sitting where it is now isn't good enough, and that something needs to be done. But Gallas has no family in the area to leave the car with, and since Superstorm Sandy came through the area, moving the truck is a strain on her budget she just couldn't afford, after recovering the food and supplies she lost.

"I lost everything. We were without power eleven days, and recovering from that. I also lost a piece of ceiling in the house which I'm trying to repair and all my money was tied up in recovering from the storm," Gallas said.

And of course, Christmas is on the way, too, but Gallas says she's already expecting that this year, Christmas will have to go by uncelebrated in her house.

"For the first time in 46 years of my life, I will not have one Christmas tree, one Christmas light, my son will not be receiving any presents or anything because we can't afford it no more," Gallas said.

We did speak with Belington Police Chief Keith Rowan, and although he declined to be interviewed on camera, he did say that Gallas isn't the only city resident who needs to deal with items on their property.

Rowan said he'll be satisfied it's taken care of if they can present a plan to deal with those items in a timely manner.