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Mannington To Increase City Fees To Pay For Bridge Replacement Project

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Mannington residents may soon be paying an extra $3 a month in city fees.

City council recently passed the first reading of an ordinance that will go toward the repayment of the funds borrowed for the Clarksburg Street Bridge project.

Mannington residents agree that replacing the bridge has been a long time coming and are glad the city is taking the necessary steps to do so.

"It's going to stop somebody from falling through the bridge," said Mannington resident Kenneth Nicely. "Basically these bridges are ready to fall down anyway."

The replacement project is scheduled to begin in March and will be finished by November.

Once the Clarksburg Street Bridge is complete, the state will replace the bridge on Buffalo Street.

"They'll use the same sides that we have on it now," said Mannington Mayor Robert Garcia. "They'll take them and refurbish them and replace the ones that are broken. The lights will be the same lights we have coming up Buffalo Street."

The city has reached out to the Marion County Commission, the state of West Virginia, and the United States Department of Agriculture for funding.

In October, the council passed an ordinance that provides funding for the project through bonds.

Now, it is working on a way to repay those bonds.

"What we did was passed Ordinance 407 and that would raise three dollars on everything that we have around here," Mayor Garcia said.

Residents currently pay $20 in service charges.

They are split between the fire department, street lighting, and police and street departments.

The $3 fee will generate an additional $2,700 a month for the bridge project.

"To pay off this it will take about 30 years I think the way it's all set up," Mayor Garcia said. "But we are hoping to have it paid off faster then that."

The second reading of the ordinance will take place on December 17 at the City Council meeting.

If approved, it will become effective ten months after the closing of the loan.