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Moms In Motion: Mia Sofia

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Morgantown, WV -

Everything inside Mia Sofia is hand made by the owner herself.

"It started of her love of crafts, it's something I always wanted to do," said owner Kathy Clinton.

Clinton is sharing her love of crafts with other women: moms, grandmothers, friends and anyone else, who wants to create something special for someone special.

"I am working on a scarf for my 3-year-old granddaughter, Ella," said customer Chris Wilson. "I was hoping to get it done by Christmas but maybe Valentine's Day!"

"I am working on a scarf for my son in law, it's a Merino Wool, and it's so soft," said customer Catherine Armstrong.

"I just got done doing a bunch of hats for the hospital, sewing a bunch of hats I'll take up for the nursery areas, and some chemo caps for the cancer center," said customer Michelle Fata.

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, from 10 a.m. until noon, people can gather together to work on their crafts. It's a place to bounce ideas off each other, share a story or two, and get some help from experienced crafters.

"It's fun!" said Wilson. "You talk to each other as you watch your stitches being ripped out, you watch someone else's stitches ripped out and re-do them, it's fun!"

And when the finished product is done, it's really neat to see all your hard work come together.

"It's a great feeling to know that you've made the baby's first blanket, or outfit, or first hat, it's very special," said Clinton. "Or for older children, too a scarf or hat or mittens. And to make things for relatives or friends, it's really nice keepsakes."

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