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First Motion Photography Permit Issued in Morgantown

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The first motion photography permit was issued in Morgantown last week.

The city issued a permit to film the Morgantown Holiday Parade to photographer Mike Ellis.

The new filming policy requires people filming in public places for financial gain to obtain a permit.

The city said Ellis's permit was not necessary because the video was not for profit but said they are happy to see people respecting the policy.

"It shows us the policies we put in place a really useful," said Susan Sullivan, of the city of Morgantown. "Sometimes government can over reach and make you fill out applications for stuff that may not need regulated. We're not trying to stop anybody, or make it hard for anybody to make movies in Morgantown, we just want to make sure we can both work to mutual benefit."

A second filming permit application has been submitted to the city for a "Mountain Wind Productions" feature film titled "The Legion."