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Weston City Lights Celebrate Holidays And Local Tradition

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The lights along Main Street in Weston have become a part of the holidays in the Lewis County city, and they're only getting bigger and better.

They've been a part of Weston for decades now, but many folks may not realize the Christmas lights lining Main Street have more local history than your average sparkling snowflakes. It started with the dancing snowflakes and a local business that's still around today.

"Over thirty years ago, these lights were put in, and the business is still in operation, Jay Hayes of CJ Products in Weston is the original creator and has spent all these years helping maintain and he's put a lot of effort into keeping them," said Ray Smith, who's part of the Chamber of Commerce committee responsible for the lights this year.

The snowflake lights danced when they were first put in, and though they may not anymore, another attraction is filling in nicely.

"The next year, they put in Santa Claus and the reindeer which is animated reindeer, all lit up with Santa Claus waving and the reindeer running, and it's just amazing and it's maintained for thirty years, and it was a joy to put up and actually see working," said Smith.

This year, thanks to a generous donation, two angels were added to the side of the glass museum in Weston. But, Smith said that's only the beginning. He said the chamber has plans to improve the city's display each and every year.

"That's what we're trying to do, is to maintain the tradition of these lights and to improve on them, and to add to them as the years go on, and the Chamber hopes to add to the lights," Smith said.

And that tradition is taken seriously in the town. Smith said he would enjoy the lights each year when he was younger, and now he takes his kids to do the same.