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Morgantown FD Collects Donation for Local Children's Shoes

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A Monongalia County elementary school asked Morgantown's City government for some help this fall, when they realized that some of their students needed shoes for the winter and wouldn't be able to afford them.

The issue came up to a Morgantown firefighter at a wellness committee meeting.

"And then I came back here and started talking about how much of a shame it was that thins kind of thing still goes on and how kids can't even have shoes for school," said firefighter Gary Freshour, "so it just kind of snowballed, you know. We just started talking and one guy jumped into two, jumped into the whole downtown station so then I picked up the phone and I called the other stations and before I knew it, the whole crew was in on it."

The response was immediate and overwhelming to Linda Little, Morgantown's Clerk.

"These guys came in that day with, like, over $320," Little said. "I called the secretary and we were both just like, ‘Wow. How nice!'"

Little said the drive collected almost $400 in all. The school told Little they had enough to buy almost two dozen students shoes and might have enough left over to buy coats for them too.