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Fairmont Studio of Dancing Christmas Show Benefits Brogan Raddish Scholarship

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When a young girl lost her battle with cancer at the age of 14, friends and family said she didn't just leave behind memories of her smile but also a legacy.

Brogan Raddish died in 2009.

She left behind memories that her friends and family said they will never forget.

"Support and the memories that people have of Brogan," said Dietta Goush, Brogan's grandmother. "When I wear a T-shirt and go to Walmart even people will stop me and tell me a story about Brogan, things that they remember."

To help Brogan's spirit live on, a scholarship fund was created in her memory.

They had a fundraiser at the Fairmont Studio of Dancing Christmas Show to raise money for the scholarship.

One dancer performed to a song that was written specifically for Brogan,  tilted "So Much Love, So Little Time."

The song was created after the songwriters read that phrase on Brogan's head stone.

"I heard that song and I told my mom that I wanted to dance to it for Christmas," said Lexy Robinette, one of Brogan's dance friends. "So I'm doing it for her."

The event had a bake sale, raffled off a hand bag, and charged an entry fee.

All of the proceeds from the event, after expenses, were donated straight to the Brogan Raddish Scholarship Fund.

The scholarship is special this year.

One of Brogan's classmates at Fairmont Senior High School will receive the money for schooling.

"I think it's really nice that Dietta is doing this because Brogan went to school with us and she was going to graduate with us," said Brianna Woodburn, Brogan's friend and classmate. "It's just nice for her to pay for somebody to go to college that may have not been able to pay for themselves."

The scholarship fund began in March of last year and is expected to be able to fund four years of scholarships.

If you want to contribute to the scholarship fund you can send a donation to Mr. Norman at Fairmont Senior High School.

Once you donate, the school will send you a thank you letter and a tax exempt form.