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Ronald McDonald House in Morgantown is 'Home For the Holidays'

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Having a child in the hospital is a difficult time for any family, any time of year, but around the holidays it's especially difficult.

This year, the Ronald McDonald House will house up to 16 families for Christmas. One of them is the Gables.

The Gables are a family of five: Beth and Jeff, their daughter Peyton, 8, and sons Colin, 7, and Asher, 12-days.

Before Asher was born on December, 12 2012, the Gables knew he would need special attention.

"He had a digestive disorder that required surgery," said Jeff. "We found out in the summer that would be the case. We pretty much started making plans since then."

Since Asher's birth, there have been a lot of tough moments for the Gable family, but spending the holidays away from home won't be one of them.

"As long as we're together it doesn't matter where it takes place at," Beth said.

A week before giving birth, Beth was hospitalized with a blood clot. She came to Morgantown, while her family stayed at home in Bedford, Pa. Jeff visited when he could, but with Peyton and Colin still in school being a whole family wasn't possible.

"I don't get to see her," said Peyton, 8, who said it's been tough being away from her mom for so long.

This Christmas the Gables will still have a Christmas tree, and home to celebrate, all thanks to the Ronald McDonald House.

"It's humbling to see how generous people are," Jeff said. "The phone calls, emails, messages, the blessings of companies like McDonalds and the Ronald McDonald House organization. It's been humbling."

"Thank you seems inadequate, it's the only that I could say at this point," Beth added.

Fighting back tears, Beth said without the house, the family may have celebrated Christmas without baby Asher.

"Probably would have gone home. And then wouldn't have our baby," she said.

This Christmas the Gables will have a new little one and each other, but one question remains.

"The kids are wondering how Santa is going to find them, but I don't think that will be a problem," Jeff said.

Peyton and Mom have the answer anyway.

"He looks for hearts," they add.

For information on how to donate or volunteer with the Ronald McDonald House Charities, visit their website.