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MVB MVP: Liberty Forward Heather Hickman

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Often times in basketball you hear a lot about the term versatility. It's the type of word that separates the good players from the great ones. It's because of her versatility that leads many to believe Heather Hickman may be one of the best to ever wear a Liberty uniform.

"I've played her at every position you can play in basketball. So she has kind of adapted a little bit of a new role and the last two years there's times she may play every one of those positions during the game," Liberty girls basketball head coach Russ Nutt said.

Heather Hickman is the kind of player that can do everything on the court: pass, rebound, block and score. She is essentially what you would call a coaches best friend. Heather attributes her senior year successes to a long summer in the gym.

"This summer I really worked on taking it to the hoop and I've been trying to take it to the hoop a lot more," Hickman said. "I think I've gotten a lot stronger at that. I try to pride myself on that and in rebounding I always like to get on the boards because it's easy second chance points too."

It seems as though that long summer has paid of, at least last Friday it did. Heather tallied a triple-double against Petersburg. That's 25 points, 14 rebounds and 10 blocks. In other words, there was nothing she couldn't do that day. Simply a stellar performance from a player seemingly putting it all together in her senior season.

"I just always try to keep moving and I try to have good court awareness, so I know where the ball is at. I try to see my teammates so I know to get them the ball," Hickman said.

"The part that was surprising was 10 blocks," Nutt said. "I mean, 10 assists, okay. But 10 blocks?"

She hopes her sizzling play equates to more wins in 2013.

"I would like to get some more wins. So hopefully we can start getting some more wins in the second half of the season to turn the season around and that would make me feel better about myself too," Hickman said.