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Marion County Man Arrested on Drug Charges

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Kelly Goh, 51 Kelly Goh, 51

The Marion County Sheriff's Department raided a home Wednesday morning, and found $79,000 worth of marijuana.

The Sheriff's Department has charged Kelly Goh, 51, with possession and cultivation of marijuana.

Chief Deputy Ralph Wright said a car was pulled over Tuesday night for speeding. While deputies investigated, they smelled a strong odor coming from a nearby residence.

After obtaining a search warrant, deputies found nearly 80 marijuana plants in Goh's home.

"There were four individual tents set up with about 20 plants roughly a piece inside of the tents growing," said Chief Deputy Ralph Wright. "They were cloning the plants so the marijuana was more potent."

"You can get up to a thousand dollars a plant worth of marijuana off of one plant," Chief Deputy Wright continued. "So with the plants that was there and the ones that they had already harvested, anywhere from $79,000 to $100,000 worth of marijuana."

Goh has admitted to growing marijuana since 2008.

He said he has only been selling it to friends and was not trying to make money.