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Top New Year's Resolutions and How To Keep Them: Getting In Shape

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The countdown is over and another year is in the books, giving you another chance to get make your New Year's Resolution a success.

Web MD said about one third of New Year's resolutions are connected to weight loss.

Fifteen percent of those people aim to join a gym and begin to exercise.

"I'm in here now more than I would be because it's the first of the year," said Planet Fitness member Sherald Hill. "New Years Resolutions are something that people use to kind of get themselves going and I'm doing that too."

Planet Fitness managers said the new year is bringing dozens of new members to the gym.

"The gym is growing rapidly right around this time," said Planet Fitness regional manager Thomas Lucas. "People want to get in shape. They want to change their life. They want to make that positive change. The way they do that is by joining a gym."

Statistics show gyms are their busiest during January and the numbers decrease as the months continue.

Planet Fitness said it offers a variety of benefits to keep its members coming back.

"We feel that if you train them and you give them something rewarding when they come here that they'll stay and they'll keep in it," Lucas said. "That's what we're looking for."

Most gyms offer a variety of fitness training programs.

Planet Fitness even allows its members to design their own fitness classes.

Some people said keeping a New Years Resolution is all in your head.

"It's all emotional, psychological," Hill said. "People want an excuse to do things. If you're paying for a gym you're going to look for every excuse you can."

Over the next few weeks, I will continue to discuss the top New Years Resolutions and tips on how to keep them.

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