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Mobile Main Street Tucker County App

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Some local businesses are putting technology to good use.

A mobile app created by West Virginia University is allowing small rural communities to reach a larger audience.

They hope the mobile app will catch people's eye.

It's called Mobile Main Street, and it allows rural communities like Thomas and Davis in Tucker County to keep up with the current times by using this mobile community publishing tool.

"So as a community member or guest visiting Tucker County you can go to the app, and downloaded it and use it and go to one central location and access all of these other social networking sites," said Jessica Scowcroft, marketing director of Tucker County's Convention and Visitors Bureau.

App users experience a virtual online community that tells the unique stories of a range of nearly 40 businesses, and tourist destinations with the hope that it will help fuel economic development.

Penny Ellison runs Mountain Mist Florist in Thomas. She said the mobile main street app allows participants access to a much larger audience, and show what's available in their community.

"It really has brought the people in to come see, 'Hey there's things going in Thomas.' Here's this little bitty town in the middle of nowhere in West Virginia and there on an I-phone app. I think it amazes them first of all and they come down to find what we're all about," said Ellison.

"As more and more people are starting to find out about it, and things like this and as campaigns are going out, we're getting a lot of positive feedback from different guests and tourists that come to the area and they're excited about the potential and what it is already offering," Scowcroft said.

The app is currently available for your I-Pad or I-Phone device and soon will be made available for the Android device. Search for Tucker County WV.