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Morgantown Residents Visit Morgantown Gun Show

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About 1,500 people came to The Morgantown Gun Show on Saturday and Sunday  to exercise their second amendment rights and for what they said is to be able to protect themselves.

Brittany Rabagia said that she purchased her first gun a while back after she was approached by a man that made her feel uncomfortable on a business trip.

"There's just so much crazy stuff that you hear about and things like that. It's not necessarily that I feel threatened but it's just an extra step of precautionary steps," said Rabagia. "Make sure you're safe if something does happen. I have the correct equipment to protect myself in case something does happen instead of being a sitting duck, basically."

Greg Gutta Jr. is the owner of Second Amendment Sports & Defense LLC and agrees that everyone has the right to own a gun. He also said that most gun accidents happen because people do not follow the safety measures provided to them when they purchase a gun.

"Every firearm by law includes certain safety information," said Gutta. "There's the Hand Gun Safety Act pamphlet that is given with hand guns. The manufacturers because of liability definitely include safety information in their manuals. They make that information on their web site and through out the Internet, even Youtube you can find safety information."'

Even though Rabagia believes in her second amendment rights, she still thinks there are some flaws with the law.

"There needs to be, I guess, stricter laws on background checks and things like that," Rabagia said. "Not just anybody can walk out and buy a gun and go from there but at the same time I think that you should be able to protect yourself. So I kind of I guess stand on both sides of it."

However, Gutta believes that the government needs to do more with the laws they've set in place.

"The conversation has once again begun about gun control. What's best, what's not best, what methods have we tried in the past what avenues are we going to take now," Gutta said. "Unfortunately, the current talks in Congress are for a more radical approach to gun control."

People who buy guns from Second Amendment Sports & Defense LLC also go through rigorous background checks. Most people that bought guns from them Sunday at the gun show waited at least 10 to 20 minutes until they were approved to purchase a gun.