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Tetra Tech's Fairmont office marks a year of growth

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For The State Journal

Tetra Tech's Fairmont office has been open for a year in the Marion County Industrial Park, and it continues to add more staff, including, most recently, engineers and an environmental specialist.
"We're primarily an engineering and environmental consulting firm," said Mike Lutman,
northern West Virginia operations manager.
Tetra Tech has 330 offices worldwide and employs 15,000 people. Its corporate office is in
Pasadena, Calif.
The Fairmont office, which is a branch of the Pittsburgh office, Lutman said, was opened in an attempt to branch out in West Virginia.
It focuses on three main areas: oil and gas, mining and land development. Tetra Tech has an office in Charleston that mainly contracts with the State of West Virginia to do water quality assessments statewide.
"We're No. 1 in water resource management, he said. "We do a lot of government work in other offices with the Department of Defense, the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, and we have contracts with the EPA and the Office of Surface Mining.
"We have been doing work with the W.Va. DEP and their water management section for 10 or 12 years," Lutman said. "Now this office has been established here in Fairmont to officer services to the energy sector, being oil and gas, which is a hot button now; mining, both coal
and non-coal quarries; and we also offer general civil engineering to commercial and residential
In the energy sector, Tetra Tech offers a wide variety of services from doing environmental
assessments and getting permits to geotechnical work to situate a gas well drilling pad.
"Those gas pads can be 300-400 feet in size and they like them flat," Lutman said. "It's challenging to put one on the side of a hill. We look at all aspects of getting that thing in there
and making it work for them. We design the access roads, impoundments, water storage ponds. We look at all the permitting that goes with that."
Tetra Tech also can analyze a coal reserve and plan and design a mine, get permits and do
reclamation work.
"In the commercial and residential development, we provide the client with conceptual design opportunities for whatever they're trying to do," Lutman said. "If it's a commercial site like a strip mall or if someone was to put in a residential development, we help them visualize what the capabilities of the property are and, if they decide to move forward, designing and planning for infrastructure such as roads and sewer and all the permits that go with that."
Seven people work in the Fairmont office now, Lutman said, and added Tetra Tech is looking to hire more, including a full-time survey crew and other support workers such as designers and computer-aided design operators.