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Prospective Athlete Day Offers Second Chance for Wesleyan Students

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Many professional sports have a rookie camp to help rookies transition from the collegiate to the professional levels. Similarly, West Virginia Wesleyan's prospective athlete day offers the first lesson prospective Bobcat's have on how to balance being a student athlete.

"As important as athletics are to them, they realize how important, much more important academics are. It seems like they are to prepare us for life, more so athletics," Treyvon King, a Hagerstown, MD native and Wesleyan student said.

That's just the message new Head Football Coach George Shehl hoped to get across to recruits as he met with the staff on their first official visits.

"I'm learning a lot about the philosophies, a lot of the people who are behind the scenes, athletic directors and everything seem like great people, and I'm really enjoying it so far," King said.

Representatives from all 19 varsity sports joined admissions personnel and academic staff in welcoming more than 140 athletes and their families to campus on Saturday.

The third annual Bobcat Prospective Athlete Day is a way for the school to help athletes begin their transition from high school to college.

"It's an awesome school, it's beautiful as well. I met a lot of teachers and they have a good supporting cast as well, and I appreciate talking to them," Lauren Wood, a Leesburg, VA and Wesleyan student said.

The prospective Bobcats also took tours of campus and attended an academic fair, time spent learning how to be a Bobcat which Coach Shehl says is about being a STUDENT-athlete.

"Football is something, something they get to do while they are here," Shehl said. "But the bottom line is they are here to get a degree. And that's our number one priority is to see them through and get them this degree. And at West Virginia Wesleyan it's a great degree to have."

"As important as athletics are they want to set us up for life. They're here to be mentors, not just football coaches," King added.