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Fairmont City Council Sets 2013 Goals

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Fairmont City Council said they see 2012 as a success and has moved into 2013 on a positive note.

City Manager Jay Rogers said the city completed two of its biggest projects in 2012.

It put the Street Maintenance Fee into effect and cut the ribbon for the Water Filtration Plant.

More than $900,000 was used to pave streets in the fall alone.

Rogers said the project will continue in 2013 and the city has lots of plans for the future.

"I think the big things for us is kind of move forward," said Jay Rogers, Fairmont city manager. "What I mean by that is 2010, 11, 12 was so much of stabilizing things, dealing with infrastructure."

This year, the city plans to continue paving streets and making the City of Fairmont a better place to live and work.