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Third Annual People's Law School Starts January 24

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A program that educates citizens about the legal system is once again accepting students in Randolph County.

This opportunity is a series of weekly lectures on various topics of the law.

People can attend as many sessions as they wish and its all free of charge.

"It just had never been done in this area and in this region for several years, and so the plan was to put together a people's law school in Randolph County for the county and surrounding areas to educate and inform the community on different areas of the law," said Judge Jaymie Wilfong.

The course is a series of six weekly lectures on various topics of the law. This is its third year. It will be offered in the courtroom of the Randolph County Courthouse. Wilfong said the course will cover different topics from drug courts to criminal law to end of life planning. A new topic making headlines is surface and mineral land rights.

"Someone who doesn't have any legal background or legal knowledge. Someone who is just interested in a particular area of the law or interested in learning something new can come in, and start at ground zero and build a working knowledge of different areas of the law," said Wilfong.

Wilfong said a lot of work and a lot of time has gone into planning this year's People Law School. 15 local lawyers, five of the county's probation officers, and three of its magistrates are volunteering their time. Wilfong said attendance and feedback show that this program needs to continue.

"We've seen people come back and register for the third year in row, and people are excited about it. I'll see people in the fall and they'll say 'Are you doing that law school thing again?' 'We're doing it again', 'Well here's my address when get the topics send them to me.'" Wilfong said.

Thursday, Jan. 24 is the first night for the People's Law School. Session also take place on Jan. 31, Feb. 7, Feb. 14, Feb. 21, and Feb. 28.

Each session begins at 6 p.m.

Its important to pre register.

Call 304-636-3815 for more information.