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Winter Wellness Day Held in Weston

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Staff from Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital were on hand at the Lewis County Senior Center Thursday for its Winter Wellness Day.

The hospital offered many different resources, including screenings and other information to anyone who came by. While many people may have made a new year's resolution to get healthy, hospital staff members said it's hard to keep that goal in mind through the winter months.

"We've already forgot them. It was eighteen degrees and snowing this morning. Not many people are motivated to come out and exercise. SO we're checking blood pressures, we're checking blood sugars," said George Butcher, who was checking blood pressures at the event.

But not everyone has lost sight of that goal. Sandy Matthews came to the event to take full advantage of all the screenings offered there. She tries to keep a close eye on her health at all times, and events like these make that task easier, and it's a chance that she appreciates.

"Well, I think the opportunity itself, and then to talk one on one with these people from the hospital is an excellent opportunity," Matthews said.

But while she's on top of her own care, others are not keeping up on their health, and in many cases their families' health. Butcher said high cholesterol is a problem that is being reported more and more in the state of West Virginia.

"We're finding fifth graders in West Virginia with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Now if we extrapolate that, these kids are 11 years old; what happens when they're 21? When they're 31, they're 41?"

For more information on keeping up with your health and wellness, you can contact Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital at 304-269-8000 or visit