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Local Stores Share Tips for Staying Warm this Winter

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People look for ways to stay warm, this time of year.

One easy solution is to dress appropriately for the weather and some local stores know just what that means.

Staying warm in the cold weather isn't always easy. Ron Rowland is the co-owner of Wood's Boat House and Snow Ski Shop, and he said his business has really picked up this week.

"Skiiers are just coming in picking up gloves, better hats, long underwear, hats, and anything that keeps the extremities warm. We even have older folks stop in that walk and do stuff like that are wanting some warmer gear too," Rowland said.

A coat from Wood's runs between $150 and $300, but Rowland said people are willing to pay for quality.

"I don't find people trying to be as frugal as much as they're trying to get what they want for their money. They want a good pant, good gloves, they want a good hats," Rowland said.

Linda Lawrence works at JCPenney and she said layering is a popular trend that's useful too.

"Layering is big because when you go inside, going from outdoors to inside you want to be able to take the layers off," Lawrence said.

All winter items are currently on sale at JCPenney.

"We brought everything out of the stock room to increase our sales in winter wear, so everything is to the floor now and everything is also clearance price, anything from a dollar to $40," Lawrence said.

Wood's is also having a sale on winter clothes, as both stores work to clear space for spring and summer fashions.