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Bridgeport City Council Discusses the Future of Education

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Bridgeport City Council met Monday evening to discuss many different items on the agenda.

One of the main items was put onto the agenda by Bridgeport Mayor Jim Christie regarding the future of Bridgeport High School.

Almost 15 years ago, Bridgeport High School created a waiver, which stated that it was going to go above and beyond state academic standards.

This year, the school was required to write a new one, and the policies described in the waiver once again stated that Bridgeport would exceed West Virginia standards.

In most schools in Harrison County, students get to choose from eleven different electives. At Bridgeport, students on the professional track can only choose from seven. Four of the electives must be higher level classes.

The superintendent of Harrison County Schools Susan Collins requested that the Board of Education deny this waiver.

According to Christie, Collins felt that the students should get the chance to take more electives.

Christie said that city council wants to keep academic standards high, for the good of the community.

"Education is a major factor when you're looking at trying to recruit companies to relocate here, trying to get employees to move here. One of the first things they always look at is education, and the quality of the high school," said Christie.

Christie also said that the better the schools, the better the community looks. He said council wants to keep standards of education high, rather than bring them down.

The Harrison County Board of Education will meet on Tuesday, February 5 to discuss the matter further.