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Crews Rescue Stranded Dog on Cheat Lake

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Monday afternoon, crews rescued a stranded dog from the middle of Cheat Lake.

Rescuers responded shortly after noon Monday, after they got a call from a woman about the dog.

They believe this girl may have been there for hours.

They said the dog was stranded about 40 to 50 feet out on the frozen lake.

Rescue crews were facing rain and fading daylight.

"We were really getting worried," said Michael Gray, of ABC Humane Animal Removal. "There was a light mist in the air, and 5 it gets real dark down in that hollow, and at 5:30 it gets dark-dark, and we were getting concerned because we weren't making much progress."

The Monongalia county Dog Warden was assisted by several volunteer firefighters and "ABC Humane Animal Removal".

They used a tarp and bait to rescue her.

The dog is staying at the Monongalia Canine Adoption Center, and will be available to adopt if an owner doesn't claim her.