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Morgantown City Council Discusses Budget Issues

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Morgantown City Council met Tuesday evening with many items on the agenda.

One of the main topics was the city's mid-year financial status.

The budget came back, and the city revenue is $1.8 million lower than expected because some B & O taxes haven't been paid.

Council does expect to get all of the money from the taxes eventually. Council said that instead of borrowing money, it's going to delay some projects, like street paving.

One project that won't be delayed is the construction of a new apartment complex in Sunnyside.

"The developers said the university will be turning over the property to them in late February, early March. With completion of the project in August of 2014," said Corey Farris, the dean of students at West Virginia University.

Farris said WVU hopes to move students into the new building by the fall semester of 2014.