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Studio 101 Raises Money for Paws4People

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Studio 101 cuts people's hair everyday. Saturday they did something special. They held a fundraiser for Paws4People to help people get service dogs.

"He picks up my keys, he picks up my phone, he opens doors, he carries bags when I'm at the store," said Justin Heydon, he received a dog from Paws4People in May. "He gets things off the shelves at the door. He brings my shoes to me in the morning, he puts the shoes away at night. The biggest thing is it's somebody to look out for instead of people looking out for me."

Justin Heydon received Oliver after being paralyzed in 2009. Oliver helps Justin do day to day activities.

Alex Keefover is also a recipient of a service dog from Paws4People. His mother, Jennifer explained that life with KINGSLEY makes things a lot easier for Alex.

"For him, Alex is a senior in high school. KINGSLEY goes to school with him, he rides the bus, he gets on the bus and the aid takes him back and they hook him on the chair and he stays with him all day," said Jennifer Keefover.

"He can wake him up, he can retrieve his phone, he can pull down his cover or zip up his jacket," said Mark Reynolds, regional director of Paws4People. "All those little things that are taken for granted by us, are meaningful to Alex and KINGSLEY."

Paws4People uses correctional facilities to train puppies until they learn enough tricks to be used as a service dog. The people at Studio 101 cut hair and held a raffle to raise money for the next person in need to receive a dog.

Reynolds said working for Paws4People has even helped him.

"I'm a former inmate and because of my training ability," Reynolds said. "Paws4People provided me with the means to become director of operations and to train."

Heydon said it's important to know his dog is more than just a pet.

"They're not just a pet, they're a special connection between the two," Heydon said. "Some people misinterpret that and think it's just a pet and think I'm going to pet him all the time. But he's more than that."

Paws4People is working on a program at Pruntytown Correctional Facility. It will take Marion County Animal Shelter dogs, and make them more adoptable.

Visit the Paws4People web site if you want to donate or learn more.