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The Bow Shop Opens 50 Yard Indoor Shooting Range

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The Bow Shop has been a staple along Rt. 19 north of Clarksburg for 30 years. Just a few months ago it opened a new building with something special, a 50 yard indoor shooting range.

"It is currently the largest indoor range in the state of West Virginia. We can shoot up to 50 yards in our range," said Rodney Greathouse, archery technician of The Bow Shop.

The shop offers many different ways to use the range.

"Daily shooting, you can come in shoot all you want. We have sanctioned shoots. Sundays we do 3D animal shoots and we also do instructional classes for the kids, and new shooters," Greathouse said.

Everyone from kids to professionals can go to The Bow Shop to get some practice.

"We cater to the hunter, the target shooter, children. We have a lot of kids that shoot here," Greathouse said.

Greathouse's daughter is an Archery Shooting Association two-time state champion. She works at the shop, and gets to use the range to practice.

"Whenever it's snowing, like it is today, I come here. I hate the snow and can't shoot it in, so I get to shoot here whenever. It's amazing, I love it," said Tiffany Greathouse.

The range isn't just good for hunters and target shooters, it's been great for the shop's business.

"Traditionally this would be the slow time of the year. But not so far, not so far at all. We've been very busy," said Rodney Greathouse.

Every weekend the shop offers competitions, with an interesting prize.

"Tonight we're doing a three spot meet shoot. The winner gets packages of bacon," Rodney Greathouse said.

The Bow Shop is open Monday through Friday from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturday's 12 p.m. until 6 p.m.