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Morgantown Woman Competes in Under Armour 'What's Beautiful' Finals

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The top 10 competitors in the Under Armour "What's Beautiful" challenge are getting ready for the next big step in the national challenge, a chance to compete for an Under Armour sponsorship.

One of them is Ashley Dragos, who lives in Morgantown. Dragos got into the challenge after playing and then coaching soccer for years.

"Once that ended I kind of felt like I had nothing, no team, no goals," Dragos said, "and once I found this, it all changed."

The "What's Beautiful" site connects women who want to challenge themselves and each other. Ashley posted videos encouraging other women to try new things, and even tried a few new things herself.

"I had never tried yoga before, and one of the girls who's a yoga expert got everyone in the community to try a different pose every day," Dragos said, "and after two weeks I felt like I was a yoga master."

She quickly learned from other women on the site, and worked out at Pro Performance in Morgantown, sometimes twice a day.

"We have so many different styles of training here and so much different equipment that anything that you can think of as far as what style of training you want to do we provide here at Pro Performance," said Robert Dunlevy of Pro Performance, "and Ashley has definitely taken advantage of every single aspect of Pro Performance."

After several months, Under Armor narrowed the field to 10 top competitors, and Ashley made the cut. She was working out at Pro Performance when she heard the news.

"I still get chills to this day," Dragos said, "to be chosen was something I could have never imagined."

Next, she will head to Camp Sweat, an intensive combination of physical and nutritional training.

"I am so excited, I'm ready to get my butt kicked!" Dragos said with a smile.

The camp lasts a week, but the "What's Beautiful" is still going strong.

"There's all types of fitness levels," Dragos said, "so there's a person that can do 10, maybe someone else can do 20 and that person who can do 10 is pushing to do 20 while that person who can do 20 is pushing to do 40 so we're all just pushing each other, and that's really what's beautiful."