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Restaurant Road Trip: The Fondue Factory

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Morgantown, WV -

When you walk into the new Fondue Factory in downtown Morgantown, it's literally a whole new experience for West Virginians.

It's a different style of dining, instead of getting a hot meal served to you, you cook it up yourself from the table.

"The whole concept of fondue has never been explored in the state," said co-owner Bron Kayal. "This is actually the first fondue restaurant in the state of West Virginia."

And it's very different from other fondue restaurants you may have been to.

One of the unique things is that the server can take your order right from an iPad, which sends it right to the kitchen, and makes it a lot quicker than your typical wait time.

From the Mongolian Hot Pot, the Surf and Turf platter, and the Cajun Persuasion, The Fondue Factory offers more than just your typical French and Swiss fondues.

"What we're doing is brining fondues from all around the world in the same room," Kayal said. "Swiss, French, also Asian fondue."

The pot is what differentiates The Fondue Factory from your typical fondue restaurant: there's a meat broth and a ginger broth. You wait about a minute and a half, cook it up, and dip it in their award-winning chili sauce. It's delicious!

The ambiance is original as well. The wall-to-wall mural was hand painted by a graduate of WVU's school of arts.

"She (Carola Miles) came up with this, and we're totally pleased!" said co-owner Travis Tracy. "As you can see, it shows where the cheese is being made, it's going down a conveyor belt, it comes to the table, and the end product you see a man and a woman enjoying their cheese fondue!"

But you can't go to a fondue restaurant without what most people think of when they hear the word "fondue."

"All our desserts, we mix up different kinds of chocolate: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, marshmallow creams, one's a peanut butter. We mix it up in the fondue pot in front of you," said Kayal.

From the Campfire pot, to peanut butter, to caramels, whatever your weakness, it's a great way to end your dining experience.

The Fondue Factory is located in downtown Morgantown on High Street. It opens every night at 5 p.m., with a Sunday brunch starting at noon.

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